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Natyacharyan Sadanam P V Balakrishnan

Shri P.V.Balakrishnan was born in 1944 in Taliparamba in North Kerala and showed remarkable interest in Kathakali from his childhood.  Ashan was initiated into this art by Guru Kondiveetil Narayanan Nair under the patronage of late Brahmashri Kurumathur Narayanan Namboothiripad. He subsequently underwent intensive training with a Central Government scholarship. This training was under famous Gurus like Shri Thekinkattil Ramunni Nair and Shri Keezhupadam Kumaran Nair at the Gandhi Seva Sadan Kathakali Academy. It was under the tutelage of  Guru Kumaran Nair that Shri Balakrishnan blossomed into a great artist and a competent teacher.

Before joining the renowned International Centre for Kathakali, New Delhi, Guru Sadanam Balakrishnan worked as an artist and teacher in well known institutions like the Parassinikadavu Shree Muthappan Kathakali Yogam and Gandhi Seva Sadan Kathakali Academy.  Guru Sadanam Balakrishnan joined the International Centre for Kathakali in 1974 as the Artistic Direcotor. He took charge as the Principal and chief artist of ICK in 1980.

During his tenure with ICK, Guru Sadanam Balakrishnan proved his mettle in the three other departments of Kathakali namely Abhinaya, Choreography and Direction, apart from teaching. His outstanding ability to do justice to all the important Kathakali characters and the way he portrays them has won high acclaim  both by the media and the audience.

Guru Sadanam Balakrishnan is considered as one of the most outstanding teachers in this discipline today. His advice and participation is sought by institutions and artists from India and abroad such as the National School of Drama, Centre for cultural resources and training, Indian Council for Cultural Relation, Delhi University, CBSC, Kalakshetra – Chennai, Association de Recherchers des traditions de l’Actor ARTA – France, Bhoomika, SPIC-MACAY, etc for teaching, conducting workshops, lecture demonstrations and full fledged Kathakali performances.

Guru Sadanam Balakrishnan has choreographed and produced more than 30 new Kathakali plays which have enriched the traditional Kathakali repertoire. Apart form choreography, Ashan has written Atakathas and composed music for some of them.

Our Artists


Vadya Praveen Kalashri C.K. Marar 

Kathakali Chenda
A motivated and versatile artist with over 40 years of experience. He is highly talented percussion instrumentalist handling various instruments like Chenda, Edakka in Kathakali and in Vadya Kala. He is the recipient of Kalasree Puraskaram from Kerala Sangeet Natak Akademi and Vadya Praveen Veershrinkala award and several other awards. He is the present principal of ICK and continues to teach.


Thiruvattar Jagadeesan

Kathakali Vesham
Vice Principal of the Institution
He got Senior Fellowship award from Ministry of culture. He is B grade Artist of Dooradarsan.Teaching almost 80 students  at three different locations 1) The International Centre for Kathakali, C20, Qutab Institutional Area 2) Dilshad Garden Ayyappa Temple 3) Mayur Vihar Phase 1


Kalamandalam Anilkumar

Kathakali Vesham
Head of Department
Kalamandalam Anilkumar is presently holding the position of Head of Department. He is teaching almost 40 students in 1) ICK 2) Mayurvihar Phase 1. Anil is recognized as a senior artist by the public broadcasting in India (Doordarshan).


Kalabharathi Kalyanakrishnan

Kathakali Vesham
Dancer & Teacher
He is a Versatile Dancer and teacher Teaching students at The International Centre for Kathakali.

Kottakkal Jayan

Kathakali Music
Sr. Artist & Teacher
Famous vocalist in Delhi and he is specialized in Kathakali Sangeetham and Karnatic Music. He is involved in composing for the new productions done in ICK. He is teaching almost 10 students in ICK

Kalamandalam Manikandan

Kathakali Music
Vocalist & Teacher
Teaching students in The International Centre for Kathakali.

Sadanam Suresh

Kathakali Music
Vocalist & Teacher
A music teacher teaching students in Delhi Malayalee Association, Lajpat Nagar Area, as well as Utharaguruvayoorappan temple Mayur Vihar ph 1.

Kalabharathi Unnikrishnan

Kathakali Chutti
Make up
He is actively involved in Chutty make up and organizing costumes for different characters in Kathakali.

Kalanilayam Nitheesh

Kathakali Chutti
Master of Make up
Kalamandalm Nitheesh is senior most master of Kathakali makeup. Shri Nitheesh is actively involved in Chutty make up for different Characters in Kathakali and teaching students also at The International Centre for Kathakali. He has designed new costumes and brought in innovative ideas for designing costumes.

Sadanam Suresh

Kathakali Chenda
Expert Chenda Vidwan
Expert Chenda Vidwan in Kathakali Chenda. Taking classes in International Centre for Katakali.

Kalamandalam Sumesh Nair

Kathakali Chenda
Sumesh is post graduate in Chenda from the reputed institute Kalamandalam. He is also involved in teaching students in Utharaguruvayoorappan temple MV1.


K P Vijesh

Maddalam Artist

V V Manoj

Maddalam Senior artist



Green Room Artist


Green Room Artist

P Mohan


Hari Govind

Support Staff

Ganesh Singh Kunwar

Support Staff

Dinesh Kumar

Support Staff